How to Grow a Healthy Longer Hair

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Longer Hair tends to grow faster when it’s never been long, so if you’ve had short hair all your life, you’re likely to see your hair grow long very fast during the first few months. At one point however, your hair will stop growing, when it has reached its maximum length. Of course, if you’re balding, you should restrain from doing this; it’ll look kind of silly when it grows long and the top is thinning. You will need to arm yourself with patience, as growing long hair takes time, but it has amazing rewards. You will want to keep your hair healthy and free of frizz, and avoid damaging it.


Longer Hair

how to grow longer hair

Growing longer hair fast requires, paradoxically, regular cutting. You will need to cut the dry ends, only half an inch, every two months or so. Otherwise your hair will split higher and higher and it will look very unattractive. Cutting the dry ends will ensure that your hair grows unimpeded by dryness and will look healthy and strong. You will avoid the frizzy look that befalls most people who skip this step.

Of course, you will have to wash your hair often. It’s one of the secrets of how to grow longer hair fast. You will need to buy high-quality shampoo and conditioner and use them every day. Keeping your hair clean will help it grow faster. You should also avoid using harsh styling techniques like dying or using a blow dryer. This damages your hair, and will slow the growth of your hair. It’ll also make your hair look less attractive. Also, avoid situations when your hair will get tangled: you might have to cut off a bad knot, and you’ll lose weeks of growth in the process.

Your diet has a big influence on your hair growth. Eating a diet full of vitamins and minerals and rich in fruits and vegetables will help grow longer hair faster. Dietary supplements can also be a part of how to grow longer hair fast.

Another thing to watch out for is what you use when styling your tresses. Hair color and various chemicals used for styling are common on the market today, but it is not recommended to use them at all if you want a longer mane. These products can cause serious damage your mane and they will often burn your hair ends. Thus, your hair will be unable to grow properly for some time.



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