Akeredolu indicts police of receiving bribes at Ondo boundaries

The Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, complained about the entry of people from other State despite restrictions on inter state movements.

Dr Doyin Odebowale, who visited the state border on Sunday, spoke of advisers especially on special tasks, claiming that the police had foiled the government’s efforts to curb the spread of fatal diseases by letting people into the state pay bribes to the police.

Addressing the policemen, Odebowale said, “You people are supposed to turn back any unauthorised vehicles but you allow them to pass through. You are corrupt. You are not doing your work.”

However, the head of the police team, Mr Ebisine Amy, denied the allegation, saying the policemen at the boundary were doing the work professionally.

“We don’t collect money from anybody and no vehicle has passed through this place. My men are doing their work accordingly,” he said.
The Chairman of the Inter-ministerial Committee on COVID-19 who is also the state Commissioner for Health, Dr Wahab Adegbenro, said the state was doing everything within its power to stop the spread of the pandemic.



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