Alimosho Apex Leader, Enilolobo’s Efforts Lead to LG’s Guber Polls Triumph in Lagos State ~ NewsEdge

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The prevailing political opinion in Nigeria holds that Lagos is the stronghold of the ruling party, APC, with Alimosho Local Government Area being the most populous and housing a significant proportion of the electorate.

In past elections, Alimosho has consistently delivered its votes to the APC, but this changed during the 2023 presidential election when the area voted against the party for the first time.

The setback prompted the APC Apex Leader, Enilolobo to take action to address the shortcomings, including inactive agents who are mostly inexperience, non-resident of Alimosho and lacked loyalty to the party. Many of these agents are unfamiliar to the locals. Some of them didn’t even show up at the polling booth because they couldn’t locate the place. We are still under-studying the reasons for this deficiency in a well politically grounded area like Alimosho.

These and other factors contributed to the poor showing of the APC in Alimosho’s 1,545 polling units during the Feb 25th 2023 presidential election. However, the party worked to remedy the situation ahead of the March 18th, 2023 gubernatorial election.

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