Ally McCoist claims ‘Rangers COULD have caught Celtic’, as Neil Lennon says he has ‘no sympathy’ for rivals af

Ally McCoist claims ‘Rangers COULD have caught Celtic’, as Neil Lennon says he has ‘no sympathy’ for rivals af thumbnail

Ally McCoist insists Celtic have been ‘awarded’ their ninth Scottish Premiership title in a row, and that his former club Rangers COULD have caught them if the season was allowed to continue. But Hoops boss Neil Lennon has told talkSPORT he has ‘no sympathy’ for their Old Firm rivals that their attempts to catch up have been denied. Celtic were crowned Scottish champions on Monday after SPFL chiefs finally called an end to the 2019/20 campaign. getty Celtic fans gather at Celtic Park following the announcement that their club has been crowned Scottish champions for the ninth season in a row Steven Gerrard’s men finished 13 points adrift of the leaders in second-place, but mathematically still had a shot at ending their Old Firm rivals’ dominance of the top flight. The Ibrox faithful have been left raging by the decision, with many claiming Celtic have not won the right to be nine-in-a-row champions. But that hasn’t stopped Bhoys fans celebrating the milestone, and Lennon insists there was no doubt they would have been crowned had the campaign been completed in full. Speaking to talkSPORT’s man in Scotland David Tanner, the Celtic boss said: “I don’t have any sympathy at all really. “I doubt very much any right-minded person would have envisaged Rangers catching us. “Not only were we 13 points clear but we had a 25 goal difference as well, so you could easily say we were 14 points clear. getty Celtic manager Neil Lennon lifts the Scottish Premiership title last season – He and his Hoops team will have to wait to get their hands on the trophy again due to the coronavirus lockdown “The only sympathy I have is for my players in terms of they never got the chance to play out the season. They were also in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup as well and they were going for a fourth Treble. “In terms of the league championship, it was only going – in our minds – to one place and we were planning ahead for that eventuality.” Speaking on the talkSPORT Breakfast show, McCoist then said he actually shared Lennon’s sense of sympathy for Celtic, as they were not able to win their ninth consecutive league title ‘fairly’. And he believes says Celtic’s 2019/20 title win will forever have an asterisk beside it in the record books. GETTY Rangers icon Ally McCoist says Celtic’s nine-in-a-row title win will always have an asterisk next to it “As well as offering congratulations to Celtic, you have to have a degree of sympathy as well,” said the former Rangers striker and manager. “If you’re a Celtic player or supporter, you would have wanted the season finished, as did everybody else, because that’s the only fair way to do it. “It’s through no fault of their own that the season is finished early and they’ve been awarded the title in this manner. “Listen, you’ve got to say Celtic have been the best team in the league this season by a considerable margin. That’s fact. They’re 13 points clear. “Rangers had got a game in hand, so could Rangers have caught them? Absolutely. Was it likely? No, not at all. It’s probably highly unlikely Rangers would have caught them, but the fact of the matter is they still could have caught them. Rangers legend Ally McCoist says Celtic’s 19/20 title must come with an asterisknext to it in the record books “Celtic will have an asterisk next to it, of course they will. “There’s a big, big difference between the word ‘asterisk’ and the use of the word ‘tainted’. Massive difference. “The title and the promotions aren’t tainted, but clearly and understandably, you can’t argue there’s not going to be an asterisk because this season has been different. “The asterisk will say, through no fault of their own, this season has been different.” Listen back to a clip of Ally McCoist on the talkSPORT Breakfast above.,

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