Armed force captures soldier taking steps to assault women in viral video

Head of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai 

Olaleye Aluko, Abuja 

The Nigerian Army has captured two officers found in a viral video taking steps to attack women in the Warri territory of Delta State and utilising tasteless and unrefined language. 

The two warriors were captured by 9 Brigade, Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos State. 

In the video, the warriors had taken steps to do a binge of assault of women in Warri, with one of them taking steps to dispense the women with the savage HIV infection. 

In any case, the Nigerian Army, on Twitter, said the officers were captured on Friday after the video became famous online, including that examinations were progressing into the occurrence. 

The military stated, “Troopers purportedly taking steps to attack women in Warri, Delta State, were captured by 9 Brigade, Ikeja and further examination is continuous. 

“The overall population ought to be guaranteed that the examinations would be quick and reasonable as per material military laws. The result of the examinations will decide the most suitable disciplinary estimates that can be taken in the conditions. 

“The military wishes to emphasise that it would not endure any type of untrustworthiness and undisciplined with respect to its faculty.”

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