Arsenal hoping to have transfer funds in window, says Arteta, ‘uncertainty’ over David Luiz contract, but Edd

Arsenal hoping to have transfer funds in window, says Arteta, ‘uncertainty’ over David Luiz contract, but Edd thumbnail

presser By Jackson Cole 19th June 2020, 7:34 am Updated: 19th June 2020, 7:35 am Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta hasn’t ruled out the possibility of David Luiz playing for the club again but admits financial constraints could force the club to release the Brazilian. The defender was sent off during the 3-0 defeat to Manchester City on Wednesday night having come off the bench in a calamitous display which saw him make errors that directly led to two of City’s three goals. Getty Images – Getty His display at the Etihad Stadium will have only made his future more uncertain Luiz’s future remains uncertain as his contract is up for renewal – his agent told talkSPORT the issue will be resolved this week but the club need to tie him down to a new contract before Tuesday if they want to keep him. Luiz fronted up after the game and took full responsibility for the result – with Arteta revealing he did not start the Brazil international due to his ongoing contract situation. Arteta – who has stated he wants to keep the former Chelsea man at the club – admitted the tighter purse-strings at Arsenal, coupled with the uncertainty over the financial ramifications of the coronavirus crisis, means they must be careful with big-money judgements. David Luiz’s agent on Arsenal defender’s future after Man City horror show “We cannot forget the financial situation,” he said when asked if a departure for Luiz would be down to a business decision. “The way that COVID-19 has hit every club and the economy in general, it’s going to have an impact. “What the club is doing at the moment is assessing the situation and trying to clarify a lot of uncertainties that we have in the future. “We have to make big decisions and time-wise it is difficult to fit them in with our needs. We are trying our best and the club is trying their best. “It is difficult sometimes because it puts the player or our sporting necessities in a difficult situation. Again, we have to adapt. It is what it is. “That is why I wanted to protect David yesterday. That is why I did not start him. But it’s a funny game and after 20 minutes you need him, a player who has had a lot of uncertainty in the last few weeks. “Don’t forget that we have accepted a pay cut, not only the players and the staff, to try to help the situation. I think it was an incredible gesture of unity and commitment from everybody working at the football club that I am very proud of.” talkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara joked he wouldn’t even take Luiz at Billericay Arteta was also quizzed on Mesut Ozil, who didn’t even make the matchday squad at the Etihad despite being fit enough to play, while he heaped praise on one ‘extraordinary’ young player. Arteta loves Eddie Nketiah “I want him to keep doing what he’s doing. “The way he played last night against those players, in those difficult conditions, for me is extraordinary at his age. He has an immense personality to play, confidence, he’s powerful and is developing in every area I think. I have a lot of faith in him. “The trick here is to get them with the right environment around them. Not to put too much pressure on them. We have a really young squad, a very inexperienced squad, and when you put that in certain parts of the pitch very close together, you can see that there are some deficits and the decision-making is not always the right thing to do. “We are in a position that we have to accept that some things at the moment, in there, probably more than we would like, are going to be like that. That’s the circumstances that we have but at the same time it’s great because it’s a great value for them to have these experiences and see themselves playing against that type of opposition.” On leaving Mesut Ozil out “I have been very open with Mesut from day one. Since I joined I thought that he was fit and he was willing and he wanted to perform at the level he can do. “He has played every game with me I think. So that it is. The moment I see that he is ready again to do that, I will treat him like anybody else. “I think I have been more than fair with him and I think he has responded in many games the way I want. That’s it. “A lot has happened to him in the last few weeks and I have to respect the timing of every player that needs sometimes a little bit of time. “It has been difficult preparation the last two months to get players ready and again I am the first one that wants Mesut at the best and I want to put him on the best when he can give his best.” Getty Images – Getty Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery tried and failed to get the best out of Ozil consistently – is Arteta having the same struggles? On potential activity in the transfer market “I think there is a lot of uncertainty in how the transfer market is going to look. You hear very different things and people are going to go all in, clubs are already spending a lot of money and others may be much more conservative and wait to assess the situation before they move. “Our position at the moment is that we have to see and be cautious. Our ambition is still intact and I know from the owners that their ambition is still intact as well. “We will try and do our best to improve the squad, maintain the players we want to maintain and move forward.” Getty Images – Getty How many of these players will still be at Arsenal next season? On how the Arsenal job has been so far “I cannot deny that there have been some big challenges in the way but I feel so privileged to be in the position that I am. “Every decision I make is to defend the club first in the best possible way and then get the players on board, get their trust, get them behind me to be in what I’m trying to do. “We have a lot of rocks at the moment, last night we had a few more but I am convinced more than ever. We had something against us in this time and in football patience is difficult but I am convinced because I’ve seen it with my eyes on a daily basis. “It’s a process that takes time and the moment they pick it up, they’re going to be flying, but yeah, we need a little bit of time because a lot of things happened – more than we expected. I think I’ve been here five months and I’ve spent the last three at home but time in football is difficult to buy.” AFP or Licensors If Arteta didn’t realise what a big job he’s got on his hands at first, he certainly knows now,

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