Buhari’s Minister responds to fire flare-up at Accountant-General’s office, uncovers speculated cause

Nigeria’s Minister of State for Finance, Clem Agba, has said no records were lost in the fire related accident, which saw a segment of the Treasury House wrecked on Wednesday.

However, the cooling system of the server farm was wrecked by the fire, before it was in the later contained. 

The fire gutted a few rooms at the office of the Accountant-General of the Federation in Abuja on Wednesday.

“We have gone round the rooms and offices where the fire has affected and I’m glad to announce to you our data centre where all our records are kept are intact.
“No destruction, so we haven’t lost any record.
“I have to inform you that for some time now we have gone digital, but still have a few things that we do manually, but a lot of things now is online. Even if the data centre were to be affected we have a back up that is kept outside of Abuja in case we lose the data centre,” Agba told reporters.

According to the minister, a staff claimed that the fire was started by a faulty air conditioner.
But he added: “the right professionals would be able to tell us whether it is the air conditioner and something more.”


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