Charlton boss Lee Bowyer fuming about ‘unfair’ EFL proposal, telling talkSPORT: ‘We’ve only been in the bottom

Charlton boss Lee Bowyer fuming about ‘unfair’ EFL proposal, telling talkSPORT: ‘We’ve only been in the bottom thumbnail

Charlton Athletic manager Lee Bowyer has slammed the English Football League and says their proposal to decide the final Championship table on a points-per-game basis is ‘wrong’. The EFL have faced a backlash after finally announcing on Thursday their plans for how to end the 2019/20 season should the action not resume due to the coronavirus pandemic. The League Two’s proposal to scrap relegation was rejected, and the EFL have said they will determine the final league tables using an unweighted points-per-game system should the Championship and League One follow the fourth tier’s lead and curtail their seasons. getty Bowyer’s Charlton only dropped into the bottom three for the first time in their final match before play was halted Should that happen, Charlton would go down and Bowyer is understandably fuming. They would be relegated despite, as the manager points out, the club sliding into the bottom three for the only time this season just a week before the season was halted. If the campaign was stopped six days before, Middlesbrough would have been in the bottom three and would have been relegated instead. REVEALED: Who goes up, down and makes play-offs under EFL’s points-per-game plan Speaking on the talkSPORT Breakfast, the Addicks boss Bowyer said: “I honestly think we will finish the season, they’ve got us back training, but if they do this points-per-game… “There are 27 points to play for, that’s a lot of points! “This time last season Aston Villa weren’t even in the play-offs positions, and now they’re in the Premier League. “It would be wrong this points-per-game, because we’ve played 37 games this season and for 36 of them we ain’t been in the bottom three. “We’ve only been in the bottom three for six days – give us the chance to get out! getty Lee Bowyer would be gutted if Charlton are relegated after spending just six days in the bottom-three “At the end of the day we signed a deal to say you go down after 46 games if you’re in the bottom three, well that ain’t the case. “So give us the chance, but if not you can’t be relegating teams just because you’re in the bottom-three with nine games to go, no matter what the circumstance, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. “That’s just my opinion, and I’m not just saying it because we’re in the bottom three, I’ve said it all the way along. “Six days before [the league was halted] Middlesbrough would have been in the bottom three, but I still would have been saying the same to you now.” Adrian Durham’s scathing rant on the EFL Bowyer is hopeful the season will be allowed to continue, and while unlikely in League One and League Two, it does appear the Championship will make an attempt to kickstart their campaign. And if they do, he is confident his side have what it takes to win their battle for survival, which is why he thinks the EFL’s decision is so ridiculous with nine games still to play. “We just want to get back, concentrate on getting the lads ready and I’m sure we’ll get out of this, I have no doubt, because we’ve finally got all out players back,” added the Charlton boss. “When we had a full squad we were a good side, we started really well this season when we had a full squad and we’ve got that now, so I’ve got no doubt we’ll get out of this.” Listen back to Lee Bowyer on the talkSPORT Breakfast above!,

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