Chelsea Clinton is considering forming a venture capital firm

Chelsea Clinton is considering forming a venture capital firm thumbnail

Chelsea Clinton is in the very early stages of forming a venture capital firm, Axios has learned from multiple sources.What we’re hearing: The working name is Metrodora Ventures, after the author of the first medical text known to have been written by a woman (around 2,000 years ago in Greece).Behind the scenes: Clinton has been kicking around the idea for several months, and has committed to investing in at least two startups.One of them is a pregnancy support app called Poppy Seed Health.Clinton is making the early commitments personally, and would roll them into the fund if it gets raised.Also involved is Caroline Kassie, currently a partner with Blockchange Ventures, who plans to join Metrodora in the future.To reiterate, the best way to describe Metrodora right now is embryonic.Clinton is said to have not decided yet if she wants this to be her next full-time career move, but there is at least a draft pitch deck floating around and “Metrodora Ventures” was registered in New York back in April.Plus, a Twitter account was just created which describes Metrodora as a “values conscious venture capital firm focused on health and learning businesses.”Clinton once worked at hedge fund Avenue Capital, and currently sits on the boards of Expedia Group, IAC/Interactive Corp., and VC-backed startups Clover Health and Nurx.Clinton, through a spokesperson, declined comment.,

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