Cultists wreak havoc in Sagamu, leaving three dead ~ NewsEdge

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The clashes between the rival cult groups have caused fear and panic among residents of Sagamu. Eyewitnesses reported that the cultists were armed with dangerous weapons, including guns, machetes, and axes, and were seen attacking each other in broad daylight. The violence has also resulted in the destruction of properties, with shops and vehicles being vandalized.

In response to the situation, the Ogun State government has condemned the cult clashes and urged security agencies to restore peace to the affected areas. The government has also called on parents and guardians to monitor the activities of their children and discourage them from joining cult groups.

One of the victims, a petrol attendant at Awabat filling station in Ijokun, was shot in the head by the hoodlums on Friday night. The police have confirmed the incident and have arrested many of the cultists involved. However, the commissioner of police has directed tactical teams to be on standby, and more arrests are expected to be made.

The police have assured residents of Sagamu that they are working tirelessly to apprehend all those responsible for the violence. The commissioner of police has urged members of the public to provide useful information that could lead to the arrest of more suspects.

Meanwhile, some residents have expressed concern about the safety of their lives and properties. They have called on the government to take urgent steps to curb the activities of cult groups in the state. Some have also suggested that community leaders should be involved in efforts to prevent young people from joining cult groups.

The ongoing cult clashes in Sagamu are a cause for concern, and urgent action is needed to restore peace to the affected areas. The government and security agencies must work together to apprehend all those responsible for the violence and ensure that justice is served.

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