Death Strikes gain as another Para Powerlifter Ini Ekpenyong passes on

2019 World Para Powerlifting Invitational Championship Silver Medallist Ini Ekpenyong has been accounted for dead.
The 46-year old kicked the bucket after an exceptionally concise sickness. As indicated by his better half Anuli Ekpenyong, the silver medallist who lifted 107kg in the World Para Powerlifting World Cup in 2019 passed on since November 1, 2019 at his home in Ikorodu and was at this point to be covered.
How could a competitor who spoke to Nigeria a year ago in a World title kick the bucket uncelebrated?
Ekpenyong’s widow clarified that he was just debilitated for three days.
“He was debilitated for just three days. He griped of migraine which he likewise said was upsetting his eyeballs and his back. He said it felt like his eyes needed to come out from its attachments, so we took him to an emergency clinic on Monday in Ikorodu town since that is the place we live.
“We remained in the clinic for three days and on the fourth day, which was a Thursday, the specialist said we should take him home since they said it was not what could be taken care of in the medical clinic. His pulse was excessively high.
“We left and I conveyed him to a congregation on Thursday. The congregation had a place with one Calabar man. The minister said that we should take him home and that they will come on Friday to do a throughout the night vigil for him. So I took him home. Indeed, even that night, one of his companions called Niyi accompanied one man to ‘work’ for him. Niyi is his closest companion and furthermore a powerlifter. At the point when the man completed, he left.
“Around 7 or 8 o’clock, my better half who was taking a long time before then unexpectedly began breathing anomalous. I ran outside and called individuals to come and help me. Individuals came and held him and before I realised what was going on, he surrendered o”.
I got some information about the relatives of his significant other.
“His sisters went to my home and said they need to take a quick trip and see their sibling in the funeral home. They gathered the demise testament from the man who helped me to take my better half to the mortuary. In the wake of seeing him, the sisters said they need to convey his body to the town so they took him home.
“Prior to at that point, they got combative. We are in acceptable terms, however, I was astonished when they came and began requesting a portion of my significant other’s reports. They were posing numerous enquiries. Where is the record? Where are his archives? Whether  my significant other purchased land? I revealed to them that I know nothing. I headed inside and conveyed a document my significant other kept and gave them. They experienced it and said this was not the record they needed.
They asked me what number of records my better half opened? I blew up and asked them if this was the enquiries they ought to solicit me as of now from sorrow. At the point when my significant other was debilitated, I called his sisters. None of them came. At the point when he kicked the bucket and his body was in the house, I called them and none of them came. Presently they went ahead Sunday and began requesting his property. I said madam, I know nothing o!
“That day, Coach Agbor was there and he instructed me not to start anything. Ijeoma was likewise there. She was the person who asked them for what reason they were mistreating the poor widow with these little youngsters. Rather than comforting her, you individuals are battling for property in any event, when the body is only one day old at the funeral home.
“I don’t generally comprehend! I don’t have a clue whether this is how they do in their place? Anyway, when they needed to convey the carcass to the town, they said I should tail them to go to the town and remain there. It was that mentor who enquired as to whether they’ll take care of me and my youngsters in the town. I went to the town with them.
“My family presently said no that they can’t leave me in the town when they’re not yet prepared to cover my better half and in addition, my kids are only 7 and 4 years of age. I returned to Lagos. It’s just his sibling who calls me yet the five sisters… . Gee.”.
I enquired as to whether there was any property of her significant other that the sisters were after.
“For where? Nothing! He didn’t leave anything rather we are in the red… in short… (she separates and began crying)
” Only God knows how we will endure. I need to ask the administration to assist me with taking consideration of my kids. I don’t need them to stop school. Their father said  before his demise that the main girl will be a specialist, the second a legal counsellor and the third, an architect. Let it happen.
“Before he passed on, he instructed me to take care of the youngsters. That I should ensure that there is solidarity and love among his youngsters. He needed his kids to be taught. Presently I’ll search for something to do to ensure they go to class. My youngsters are my concern now”.
In a feeling loaded voice, Mrs Ekpenyong said she will miss her better half woefully.
“My better half was a decent man. Nice and he had no issue with anybody. On the off chance that your outrage him, he will yell yet it will end there. He has hard feelings, no feelings of spite. He was intense and in the event that you did anything incorrectly, he will tell you.  He was an awesome man.
“I will recollect him for everything… .Everything… (she begins to wail again and her voice tops) Everything… ah! He was there for me. He never permitted me to need anything. He adored me and never let me cry. He just needed to fulfil me… (crying).
Ini Ekpenyong met his significant other Anuli who hails from Isele Uku in Delta State at a companion’s wedding in 2008 and got hitched.
It was Coach Feyisetan Are who poor this news to me while we visited on the telephone about the late Olympic Gold medallist, Ndidi Nwosu who kicked the bucket on March 1, 2020
“We even lost another Para Powerlifter… ” Are said on telephone.
He gave me the spouse’s telephone number and I immediately set a call up with her.
Are, a notable para Powerlifting trainer revealed to me that very little was thought about Ekpenyong who was simply starting to come to spotlight.
“He was only an up and coming competitor, however, he began Powerlifting in 1996. He spoke to Delta state at the National Sports celebration and they utilised him.
“Prior to at that point, he was a Lagos competitor and I prepared him. He was an incredibly decent competitor. The main issue, he was that Nigeria doesn’t go to global Para Powerlifting rivalries with heavyweights in light of the fact that, universally, the heavyweights push practically 290kg to 300kg while here, we lift simply 200kg. The heaviest Ini lifted was 170kg during the last World Para Powerlifting Championship held in Abuja. That is the reason he couldn’t speak to the nation, combined with age and different elements.
“The issue is that the greater part of them won’t come out to state they’re wiped out on the grounds that they would prefer not to be dropped from any opposition. Some also don’t have the cash to go to a decent medical clinic so they remain at home. “
Areh supplicated the Delta state government to help the offspring of the late competitor to get instructed at the college level,  give a couple of rooms, loft for the family and give the spouse work in Delta state.
Until his passing, Ini Ekpenyong worked at the Delta State Sports Commission. He was utilised by the state in the wake of vying for the state in the National Sports Festival in Abuja.
His better half affirmed that Ini Ekpenyong will be covered on April 24, 2020 in his old neighbourhood in Itu nearby government region of Akwa Ibom State. He deserted a spouse and three youngsters. He was 46.

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