Dr. Bola Tinubu’s diagnosis of coronavirus

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By Emmanuel Aziken
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s political acumen has been well-known extolled by his many political devotees. On the opposite hand, whether someone of them would self-discipline himself to the medical diagnosis of a Dr. Tinubu garbed as a medical doctor or make a selection his prescriptions for an ailment is a misfortune.
As Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s political future hung within the balance in the initiating of the week, Tinubu, after a prolonged absence, got right here out to diagnose the complications against the nationwide chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Per him, those struggling with Oshiomhole were with a ‘2023 virus,’ which he acknowledged used to be worse than coronavirus.
Presumably symptomatic of the ‘2023 virus’ on those it had used to be the blind ambition that made them pull down posters and billboards of Oshiomhole positioned within and originate air the immediate premises of the nationwide secretariat of the APC final Monday.
That courageous motion regarded as if it can perchance perchance underline the thought at some point soon of Abuja and the nation that Oshiomhole’s days were eventually over.
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His destiny used to be compounded by President Muhammadu Buhari’s eerie silence within the face of disorder within the occasion.
Well, that used to be until Dr. Tinubu’s diagnosis of a 2023 virus. Whether or no longer it used to be Dr. Tinubu’s diagnosis of the 2023 virus being worse than coronavirus that roused President Muhammadu Buhari into motion remains a topic of conjecture.
Willy-nilly, mischief-makers train that Dr. Tinubu drew out the president by pointing to a assert to urge him out of office. That is, furthermore believing that no-one within the cabal is plotting a third term.
Mischief-makers inform that Dr. Tinubu’s political prescription had been successfully primitive in 2005 to bury Senator Adolphus Wabara.
Accurate via the Senate Christmas fracture of 2004, Wabara as Senate President had hosted Southeast senators in his Ohambele, Abia Issue country dwelling.
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The senators at the stop of the merrymaking were acknowledged to have ‘lured’ Wabara into availing himself as the Igbo candidate to replace President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2007.
It is quiet to be confirmed whether it used to be Senator Arthur Nzeribe as alleged by some mischief makers who being privy to the brewing Third Term agenda that leaked the ‘Ohambele’ possibility to the presidency.
Willy-nilly, Wabara lost face within the presidency and used to be within weeks eradicated from office following revelations referring to the N55 million training funds rip-off.
On the opposite hand, Tinubu’s diagnosis of a ‘2023 virus’ used to be faulted by a number one APC chieftain, Osita Okechukwu, director-frequent of the Declare of Nigeria, VON.
Mr. Okechukwu, who has partnered with Buhari’s political schemes since 2002 in disagreeing, acknowledged the occasion complications were as a replacement precipitated by what he identified as an ‘Osho-virus.’
Dr. Okechukwu, in his 10 point diagnosis, furthermore submitted that the Osho-virus used to be worse than coronavirus.
Dr. Okechukwu well-known among quite a lot of ills, the occasion’s failure to seek for the Bayelsa governorship working mate’s credentials as symptomatic of an ‘Osho virus’ in desire to a ‘2023 virus.’
Given the vogue the pursuit of the virus grew to develop correct into a nationwide misfortune, it used to be no longer glorious that Governor Nyesom Wike, who all people is conscious of to be a attorney, would furthermore weigh in on the controversy.
In his diagnosis, the Rivers Issue governor, in an weird and wonderful stance, agreed with Dr. Tinubu averring that the complications of the APC were indeed, precipitated by a 2023 virus.
“I trust the aged Lagos Issue Governor, Senator Bola Tinubu, that the disaster in APC is ready 2023. Everybody wants to be president or vice president. This virus is indeed, worse than coronavirus,” Dr. Wike acknowledged at some point soon of a session with newsmen earlier this week.
A day or so later, Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, a aged Buharist who made a failed portray to contest the 2019 presidential mark of the occasion, stepped into the field by denouncing the claims of Tinubu and the quite a lot of virus experts.
Ogbonnia, in step with his profile, has levels in civil engineering, sociology, public administration, laws, and a Ph.D. in leadership.
He used to be the exception. While admitting to complications within the occasion, he, nevertheless, objected to seeing the maladies as worse than coronavirus.
He, on the opposite hand, identified Dr. Tinubu as furthermore tormented by the 2023 virus symptoms.
As he acknowledged:”Oshiomhole’s well-known goal…has been to most moving Tinubu’s assert to set up his cronies across the country in direction of a presidential portray.
“Every APC development, from the states to the federal, at the side of the Legislature, and President Buhari and his cabinet, had a bitter sort of the disaster. Most efficient Coronavirus could perchance perchance had been as toxic and frequent.”
Remarkably, of your complete virologists, most efficient Dr. Ogbonnia used to be candid sufficient to scheme consideration to the truth that coronavirus wants to be handled extra critically than the APC viruses.
So, while quite a lot of world leaders were talking to their residents about coronavirus, Dr. Tinubu’s diagnosis precipitated the presidential intervention into the malady precipitated by the extra deadly ‘2023 virus.’
Nigerians could perchance furthermore simply now marvel whether it used to be the seriousness with which the president regarded the APC viruses that distracted him from addressing Nigerians on the global coronavirus pandemic or visiting the victims of the Abule Ado explosion.
Well, maybe.
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