Gabriel Agbonlahor reveals he got over coronavirus with the help of fellow Aston Villa legend Stiliyan Petrov

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As the Beatles once sang: ‘You get by with a little help from your friends’.
And it’s a mantra now shared by former Aston Villa captain Gabriel Agbonlahor, who has told talkSPORT about how an amazing gesture from club legend Stiliyan Petrov helped him recover from coronavirus.


Stiliyan Petrov was there to give Gabriel Agbonlahor a helping hand when the former Villa captain was struck down by coronavirus

Villa academy graduate and one club man Agbonlahor announced on social media back in March that he was self-isolating after coming down with COVID-19 symptoms.
“I have all the symptoms of coronavirus so will be self-isolating myself from everyone for two weeks,” the former attacker posted on Instagram.
“Stay home guys, this virus has knocked me sideways.”
A month later, Agbonlahor has fully recovered from what he describes as ‘one of the worst things I’ve been through’.
But he didn’t do it by himself – his former teammate and good friend Petrov was on hand to keep him topped up with medical supplies while he got through the illness at home.
From a distance, of course.

Speaking to talkSPORT host Jim White on Tuesday, Agbonlahor said: “It was a Sunday evening and I started getting these big migraines, and then over the next few days I was getting hot sweats in the night, fatigue, then the cough came later on.
“This was over the course of ten days.
“It was all the symptoms of coronavirus, but I didn’t get tested; I just kept myself indoors, kept myself in bed and it went away after ten days.
“It was nothing nice, it was horrible, one of the worst things I’ve been through, but luckily my body was able to fight it by itself.”
And, he explains, with the help of Villa Park legend Petrov!


Aston Villa and former captain Agbonlahor supported Stiliyan Petrov when he was diagnosed with acute leukaemia, and now Petrov has helped his old mate through his own illness

“My good friend Stiliyan Petrov and his wife live about five minutes away and kept leaving stuff on my doorstep, vitamins and different things,” Agbonlahor said.
“I love Stiliyan, he’s a good guy and I owe a lot to him, and my next door neighbour who was helping a lot of as well.
“It was good to get over it and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!”


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