Government should ‘build a better Australia’ with housing stimulus package

Government should 'build a better Australia' with housing stimulus package thumbnail

Published on Jun 1, 2020Shadow Housing Minister Jason Clare says Labor has been calling for a “comprehensive plan” from the government to ensure the safety of jobs in the housing construction industry and provide more social housing. The government is preparing to sign off on a housing stimulus package in a bid to save jobs in the sector and prevent a projected fall in the number of houses built this year. Mr Clare told Sky News it would be a “massive missed opportunity” if the government was to announce a package worth “billions of dollars to stimulate the housing industry but can’t find one cent for public housing”. “[The] federal government working with the state government could encourage them to bring forward the budget they already have for the next few years to build more social housing and to renovate existing social housing,” he said. “The biggest group of homeless people in Australia at the moment are mums and kids fleeing domestic violence. One in 10 people who will sleep rough in Sydney tonight is an ex-service man or ex-service woman. “There’s a big opportunity here to help to make sure tradies keep working and don’t end up on the end of the dole queue and also build a better Australia.” Image: News Corp Australia


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