Human rights faction supports the strike embarked upon by JUSUN and NARD.

  • HURMA Urge the Nigeria government to positively reflect upon the requests of the union

The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) release statements correlating the rightful demands of Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria(JUSUN) and National Association of Residents Doctors (NARD).

Statement released by HURMA


The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda calls on the Nigerian government to reconsider its present stand concerning the legitimate demands of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) & the National Association of Residents Doctors (NARD) for judicial independence and humane welfare package being separately demanded by the two unions but coincidentally being enforced through strike actions.

We, at the level of HURMA, sincerely believe that the industrial actions embarked upon by the two unions could have been averted should the government of the day embrace the ethos of democracy as against the grandstanding of monarchy being shamelessly displayed in the ephemeral office.

We note with dismay that the industrial actions embarked upon by the two unions have shut down the two critical structures of governance. The much abused justice sector has been rendered comatose and prostrate while the health sector has completely collapsed.

It is our candid view that no serious country is run in this heartless manner. The political class has provocatively conducted itself in such a way to attract anger from the populace by not attending to pressing social issues because the members of the class across factions have alternatives by seeking health services in Western Europe and North America at the expense of the taxpayers.

The consequence of power irresponsibility of the pretentious political rulers is the compounded misery of our people.

Although, as at press time, it is alleged that the NARD has suspended its strike action, we believe that without addressing the welfare demands of the union, they will still embark on another round of strike action sooner than later. It is on this note that we demand a responsible leadership that feels what the general populace is feeling.

It is high time the governors in Nigeria came out of their illusion that the judicial arm of government is an extension of their offices.

Without judicial independence, self help will surely be the order of the day which will certainly consume everybody.

It should be clear to the government that its much propagandised Direct Investment from foreigners will remain wishful thinking. No investor will come to a country where the judiciary is in the pocket of the executives and the health sector is in shambles.

Based on the foregoing, we demand an immediate intervention by the government to positively consider and enforce the demands of JUSUN and NARD. We must wake the government up to the constitutional responsibility it owes Nigerians.

We call on all Nigerians to stand with the unions that practically check the excesses of the political class as they remain our surviving hope.


Lekan Alabi Esq.
Chairman BOT

Comrade Isiak Olaitan Buna
Executive Director

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