Katsina FRSC raises fright over Inflow of banned ‘Okada’ from other States

Augustine Okezie, Katsina
The Katsina Bid department of the Federal Motorway security Commission, FRSC, Saturday raised concerns on the influx of banned motor cycles otherwise known as ‘’Okada’’ from other states into Katsina
The Nation engage that states like Lagos, Nasarawa, and others had banned the operations of Okada in the respective states; due to the this reality the affected operators are in point of fact shipping their wares to Katsina
The Public Family Officer of the Commission in the verbalize, Root Commander, Abubakar Usman, informed The Nation, that the topic has hampered the coordination of potentially the most up-to-date clampdown on the violators of the lately introduce rules on the operation of enterprise bike in the verbalize
He further admitted that the absence of the regulatory code for okada riders in the verbalize encouraged such violations like blaring of music, removal of bike plate numbers, spend of window curtains to defend the identities of the passengers, removal and none spend of aspect mirrors and glasses while riding the bikes.
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He stated ‘’ we’re currently working alongside with sister agencies in the verbalize to clamp down on violations of Okada/ Tricycle operations in the verbalize. To identify and punish those riding without aspect mirrors, plates numbers and alive to on different sorts of violations in the verbalize’’
‘’This clamp down operations started final August and is tranquil continuing, though we’re quantity of cycle being shipped into the verbalize from other states saved rising’’
‘’We’re calling on Okada/ Tricycle riders and owners to register and revalidate their car papers and manufacture class A riders license in gape of the safety challenges affecting the verbalize as a technique to toughen the safety and guard against wrath of the rules’’.
He furthermore appealed to industrial drivers in the verbalize to shun overloading and no longer carry more than three of us in a row, while urging okada riders to carry the volume of stipulated passengers
Investigation by The Nation published that in Katsina about 90% of Okada riders prefers working without aspect mirrors as they sometimes engage away and re- sell them at their level of purchases.


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