Mitchell Zvagelskiy: Helping other e-Commerce founders grow

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At just 20-years old, California-based entrepreneur, Mitchell Zvagelskiy, has been able to not only achieve great success in his business, but has also helped others in starting and growing their own eCommerce stores as well.
Growing up in what he describes as an “incredibly strict household”, Mitchell was encouraged to go to college and get a job. Mitchell, however, had other plans. “I realized that I was limiting myself by just relying on this typical plan,” he said.

He set his sights on venturing into an eCommerce business instead. After a shaky start and a short stint flipping Instagram accounts (which consists of purchasing Instagram pages, growing their followings, and then reselling them at a higher price for profit), Mitchell and his business partner began to learn ways to leverage the eCommerce giant known as Amazon, as producers rather than consumers.
Three years later, Mitchell is making as much as six-figure sums in revenue per month across his online stores. The urge to help other entrepreneurs develop their businesses came when more and more people showed interest in learning and emulating his progress.
“This led us to starting two services: personalized coaching & direct store management” he said, explaining his motivation.
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Presently, he juggles his lucrative businesses and a growing YouTube channel. “My business partner and I also created a YouTube channel to share our successes, failures, and experiences throughout our journey. Our primary focus is that this content adds value to those planning to start their own business”.
Moving forward, Mitchell plans to begin reinvesting a portion of his profits into expanding education in certain parts of the world where it is needed. Networking with people building interesting companies is also something he enjoys and hopes to continue to do.
“Outside of the eCommerce world, there are many individuals working on interesting companies with a focus on bringing value to people and change to the world,” he notes.
“This sets my focus on angel investing. Not only do I get to network with interesting people who are building interesting companies, but I get to bring value to the table for those I believe in.”


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