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Orelope Conceals Information from Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu by Emmanuel Oyewole Adeseeni

New evidences are emerging on the results of the March 18 gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections in Alimosho federal constituency of Lagos State. These pieces of information are the such that HE Hon. Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere will never want the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu to know.

While she and her Justice Forum co-travellers were prevented from managing the party’s March 18th election day architecture, that plunged the party, APC into failure in the February 25th presidential and national assembly elections: as Messers Fuad Oki and Tokunbo Afikuyomi led strategic planning unit, relied on The Mandate Group led by Abdullahi Enilolobo, who are tested and have proven experiences, thereby delivering Alimosho successfully.

There are evidences to show that the motley of Polling Units that falls to Orelope Adefulire immediate political catchment recorded failures for the party.

It will be recalled that part of the reasons why APC failed in the presidential election was the influence peddling by Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere and her co-travellers, which led to the replacement of all experienced ward party agents on the morning of the election. This influence, according to eyewitness was based on lies and deceit made to the Pastor Cornelius Ojelabi led State Executives of the party, that Alimosho APC Mainstream led by Abdullahi Enilolobo is working against the success of the party.

And without having a second thought, the State Executives through the influence of the Vice Chairman, Chief Babatunde Sunday Aboyade, who reinforced the lie, changed the list of agents at the eve of the February 25th election.

According to informed sources, Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere and Babatunde Sunday Aboyade did the power show to spite and surprise the Abdullahi Enilolobo led Alimosho APC mainstream. And true to their words Alimosho federal constituency and beyond were surprised by the poor results recorded at the end of the election, due to their unguided surprise package that didn’t pass through a logical evaluation.

The strategic planning which include the distribution of party agents, returned to the Alimosho APC power sharing agreement 55:45 ratio to Alimosho APC Mainstream and Alimosho APC Solidarity Movement respectively . It is however, surprising again that the 45% that went to Orelope Adefulire faction still recorded a huge failure.

Below is a list of some of the PUs in Ward E (Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere’s State ward) in Alimosho Local Government:

PUs Lost by APC in the Governorship Election in Ward E:

  1. 7 Adewole Street (PU 090) APC 23, PDP 0, LP 48
  2. 34, Prince Adebambo Street (PU 101) APC 6, PDP 0, LP 22
  3. Olugbede Junction (PU 104) APC 31, PDP 01, LP 45
  4. Greenland Junction (PU 111) APC 18, PDP 3, LP 40
  5. Ore Close Junction (PU 102) APC 5, PDP 0, LP 9
  6. 89 Karimulaka (PU 110) APC 17, PDP 2, LP 20
  7. Orelope (PU 103) APC 63, PDP 8, LP 101
  8. Osakwe Junction (PU 109) APC 62, PDP 8, LP 72
  9. Unity Lane Junction (PU 108) APC 23, PDP 1, LP 47
  10. Isiba Oluwo Junction (PU 86) APC 27, PDP 2, LP 35
  11. Busari Crescent (PU 113) APC 6, PDP 0, LP 9

These are the 11 PUs that are in very close proximity Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere political base lost to Labour Party (LP). .

In order to cover this weakness and failure, Musbau Rasak and some boys were hired to dramatize and were made to post a celebration galore at Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere’s PU in order to show to the world that she delivered. This lie and deceit sold for a while to people who do not know that other PUs in close proximity to her were lost.

Another hidden fact is that this same PU she celebrated winning is the same PU the Vice Chairman of Alimosho Local Government, Hon Akinpelu Johnson claimed it’s success as well as the newly elected House of Assembly member in Alimosho 01, the younger brother to Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere, Hon Lukman Orelope claimed it’s success because they are all registered to the same PU.

So, what is surprising is that three heavy weights in Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere’s camp voted at a single PU and they were celebrating while the party lost in other PUs surrounding them.

This is a testimony that Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere has no influence in Alimosho federal constituency, because if not for Alimosho APC Mainstream’s foot-soldiers, all other PUs in the ward would have gotten same fate.

“If the Senior Special Assistant to the President, a former Deputy Governor, a former Commissioner and House of Assembly member have no controlling influence in her Ward E, Alimosho Local Government, what is the electoral value of such a person in her home ward, how much more in the entire Alimosho Federal Constituency.

“It is clear from here that she has only been reaping from where she never sowed. Attaining the position of SSA to the President, being Former Deputy Governor, Commissioner and so on, as well as using the backdoor to make her brother an Assembly member and even kings in Alimosho are actions, capable of destroying the party from within because loyal party members clearly have better influence than herself and her co-travellers during elections and beyond.

“We understand that our President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu continue to pity and show interests in her causes, due to the services of her late father to the party. The Orelope political dynasty has benefited and are benefitting far above others in Alimosho federal constituency, whom they treat as political hewers of wood and fecthers of water.” Rasheed Egundupe Lasisi submitted

But with the failures that were recorded due to her zero influence, information has emanated that even the President-elect is regretting trusting the huge political lifeline known as Alimosho federal constituency in her hands.

Adejoke Orelope Adefulire alleged outburst against one of her main and time tested backers Pa Abel Olusegun Badejo – leader Orelope-Adefuliere’s caucus in Mosan-Okunola LCDA, who, after realizing that Orelope-Adefuliere is captured and being blackmailed by directionless and self serving elements, engaged in true reconciliation with Alimosho APC Mainstream in Mosan Okunola LCDA, enpaneled party executive structure, that moved the party forward in peace and harmony with outstanding results in the LCDA.

What shocked watchers of this development is that neither Adejoke Orelope Adefulire nor her handlers have debunked the reported slight against the octogenarian, who is the pioneer executive Chairman of Mosan Okunola LCDA, whose residence serve as meeting point of all pro Adejoke Orelope Adefulire elements in Alimosho federal constituency, and whose followership forms the bulk of pro Adejoke Orelope Adefulire caucus members in Mosan Okunola LCDA.

“If people like Pa Badejo are not steadfastly and loyally with Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, she would have clearly become empty after she left Lagos for Abuja. She never came to Alimosho for any reason, until towards the party congresses and primaries, taking the ultimate prize for her biological brother with Pa Badejo and the leaders respecting her wishes and decisions.

“Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Alimosho require a hands on effective leadership, this is lacking in Adejoke Orelope Adefulire, whose politics ends in her personal favour to the chagrin of party members and supporters in Alimosho federal constituency. Adejoke Orelope Adefulire sponsors candidates in other political parties Accord Party in the 2019 election window.

“Alimosho APC is being run under a collegiate leadership that consist of serving council chairmen, serving party chairmen, state and federal party officers, state and federal cabinet members, state and federal legislators and three apex leaders from each of the six councils that make up the constituency. How can Adejoke Orelope Adefulire be in opposition to this arrangement, that she was a part of abnitio.

“Adejoke Orelope-Adefuliere is never and will never contribute to the progress of the party, as clearly seen in the electoral failure despite all the resources in her care. She is only concerned about the gains and gains means for her personal benefit or those of her bloodline” as submitted by Emmanuel Oyewole Adeseeni

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