Police Officer Killed by Okada Riders in Lagos State Protest ~ NewsEdge

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A violent clash erupted in the Cele-Ijesha area of Lagos State when commercial motorcyclists, known as Okada riders, took to the streets to protest against the enforcement of the ban on their operations in the area. During the protest, a yet-to-be-identified police officer was killed, and a Divisional Police Officer was injured. According to eyewitnesses, the police were trying to arrest a motorcyclist when other Okada riders intervened and demanded the release of their colleague’s motorcycle. The situation escalated quickly, and the police officers were overpowered, with one of them getting killed. The incident caused a tense atmosphere in the area, as commuters and traders had to flee to avoid getting hurt. The police have arrested two suspects and impounded 41 motorcycles in connection with the protest. The tragic event highlights the ongoing battle between the Lagos State Government and Okada riders, who have been banned from operating in many parts of the state due to safety concerns. It is a reminder of the need for peaceful resolution and dialogue in addressing contentious issues in the society.

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