Simon Jordan believes Liverpool should be remembered for winning the Premier League title ‘in spite of’ COV

Simon Jordan believes Liverpool should be remembered for winning the Premier League title ‘in spite of’ COV thumbnail

Simon Jordan believes Liverpool should be applauded for their imminent title victory in spite of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The Reds require just two more victories to claim their first ever Premier League triumph and their first league title in 30 years. Getty Images – Getty Liverpool are back in training ahead of ‘Project Restart’ Although their otherwise perfect form had shown signs of strain before lockdown, it seems virtually impossible that defending champions Manchester City will be able to catch Jurgen Klopp’s runaway league leaders. Watford captain Troy Deeney believes Liverpool deserve the title, but the Premier League has lost integrity due to the rushed nature of ‘Project Restart’. But former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan insists the Reds prevailing in times of adversity should be the way this ill-fated season is consigned to the annals of history. He said: “The narrative should be; ‘This football club won this Premier League in spite of a worldwide pandemic.’ Getty Images – Getty Despite their wobble at home and in Europe, the Premier League title is within Liverpool’s grasp “So actually, over a period of time, through prosperity, people might look back at this and say ‘How in God’s name did Liverpool manage to win this Premier League when we read and hear about a pandemic which decimated the world and closed it down like we have never seen it before? “Yet Liverpool still managed to come back. So actually, I think in some way, Liverpool might actually gain more recognition – not just for the outstanding nature of their football, not just because their club has been directed, managed and run in such a fabulous way from the manager and his relationship with the fans, to the players understanding their responsibility, through to the ownership structure. Jason Cundy would have ‘no problem’ with Jurgen Klopp playing weaker side after Liverpool secure Premier League title “All of that will, I think, play out in such a way that – yes of course they should have all of the trappings and plaudits that every other Premier League club winner has gotten – but they’re not going to get that. “What they’re going to get is the Premier League title in the most difficult circumstances. So I think something about that may even resonate more in that period of adversity, it might even find itself an even more remarkable achievement.”,

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