Simon Jordan criticises Charlton rebel Lyle Taylor and says he ‘hit player over the head with a bat’ when the

Simon Jordan criticises Charlton rebel Lyle Taylor and says he ‘hit player over the head with a bat’ when the thumbnail

Simon Jordan has described Charlton striker Lyle Taylor as ‘characterless’ and ‘dishonest’ for his refusal to play again for the club when the Championship reason restarts. And the talkSPORT pundit has also revealed how he responded when one of his players refused to play when he was owner and chairman of Crystal Palace. Addicks talisman Taylor has faced a backlash from fans this week after manager Lee Bowyer revealed to talkSPORT the 30-year-old is one of three players who are refusing to play again for the club this season. Getty Images – Getty Charlton talisman Taylor played a huge role in the club’s return to the Championship but has deserted them as they battle against relegation The striker, Charlton’s top scorer with 11 goals, is out of contract this summer, but has told the club he will not risk the chance of getting injured and potentially wreck his chances of securing a lucrative move to a bigger club. Jordan has slammed the player’s behaviour while his is still under contract and being paid by the London side, and revealed the same happened to him during his spell in charge at Selhurst Park. “This happened to me, yes,” he said on Tuesday afternoon. “There’s this ridiculous expression I’ve heard numerous times from players I’ve had that ‘their heads are not right’, and they think somehow that’s OK…” Asked what his response was, he told Jim White, with his tongue firmly in his cheek: “You know what I did, because I told you during the break! “I hit him around the head with a bat, see how his head felt after that…” talkSPORT Simon Jordan joked that he gave one of his players what for when they said their ‘head wasn’t right’ to play for Crystal Palace Obviously he didn’t… or maybe he, did. You can never be quite sure… he is a scary man. What is for certain, though, is Simon was not happy about news of Taylor’s refusal to play, fuming at the striker to ‘get your backside in gear and get playing’. “He doesn’t really have a leg to stand on,” blasted the talkSPORT pundit. “Do you know what football is really about? It’s about character, it’s about having integrity and authenticity, and this is characterless! “When you talk about integrity, integrity comes from character, character comes from honesty, and this is dishonest, because it’s all about yourself. “I understand that you are going on to bigger and better things, but you have signed a contract and you want it both ways! You want to be under that contract when it suits you and not when it doesn’t. Getty Lyle Taylor has been an exceptional signing for Charlton, managing 36 goals and 14 assists in 67 games, but he looks set for a sour exit “Lee Bowyer is right that there’s an element of contribution that this player has made towards the success Charlton have had over the last 18 months, despite the backdrop of all the infighting going on between Roland Duchatlet and the idiot Matt Southall and whoever else is there at the moment. “But Charlton lose here on all fronts. They bought a player from AFC Wimbledon, they gave him a platform to perform and he performed. “They’ve paid all his salary, they can’t get him to resign and they can’t get a transfer fee for him, but there has to be balance, and if that balance is as minimal as being prepared to play between June 20 and June 30… “I would like the argument to be advanced – ‘You owe the club, so you should stay for another period of time’ – but it’s a sentimental one not steeped in any commerciality. Darren Gough understands why Lyle Taylor doesn’t want to play “But, I’m sorry son, get your backside in gear and get playing for the football club that has given you a three-year contract which ran from 2017 until June 30, 2020 – get on with it, I’m not interested what’s going on with you, back you come! “I know this is going to sound awful, but the only thing I hope is that some of these players get to reap what they’ve sown. “The economics is going to change for footballers after all this, there will be a situation where players are not able to demand quite the salaries they once did before.”,

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