‘Teen Mom 2’: Briana DeJesus Makes STD Confession in Season 10 Trailer

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Season 10 of Teen Mom 2 is well on its way and Briana DeJesus just made a shocking confession. In the trailer that was recently released, all cast members seem to be dealing with something dramatic or heartbreaking, but DeJesus admitted that someone gave her an STD. She didn’t mention who it was or what type of STD it is, but there is talk it could have been with her ex Luis who she shares daughter Stella with.DeJesus mentioned that this season will be “trash” for her according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, referring to an incident from the Fall of 2019. An insider told the outlet, “Back in October, MTV was with Briana when she and her friend went to the club one night. They went because Luis was DJing.” The source continued with, “The cameras were rolling when she and Luis went to talk outside and then Bri left in an Uber with him and they went home together. They filmed Briana the next day having a very graphic conversation with her friend about the hookup, and how they didn’t use any protection. Briana was worried that she may have contracted something from that encounter.”Recently, she’s sparking rumors that she may be back together with another ex, Dre Diddy. The two reunited for a fun day at Disney World in late July and shared photos with fans and titled one “fav ex.” While the two have not come out and confirmed whether they’re back together or not, they are leaving quite the trail for fans to piece together. Between photos of each other on social media and public communication, onlookers can’t help but to assume these two are involved again, considering they’ve had an on-again-off-again past. She also posted to her Instagram stories that she received flowers from someone but didn’t specify who according to In Touch — again, allowing fans to assume they’re involved romantically again.As for the new season, the drama doesn’t stop with DeJesus. Leah Messer is seen crying talking about her daughter Ali’s disability. “With muscular dystrophy she can’t fall like that,” she said. Jade Cline is also returning and was seen yelling at the beginning that she didn’t want to “f—ing film” and Chelsea Houska will seemingly be dealing with the court system as she was seen telling her husband Cole, “Is this something we have to go to court again?” Kailyn Lowry, who is now a mother of four, is also seen crying and at one point telling her mom on the phone that her son is “two years old and has never met you.” Teen Mom 2 will return Sept. 1.

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