The Flash Season 7 Features A Final Showdown With Godspeed

In an interview with TVLine, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace says Team Flash will finally face off with the real Godspeed in season 7.

by Daniel Alvarez
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                                                Godspeed will return in The Flash season 7. The Scarlet Speedster recently concluded his sixth season, although earlier than initially planned. Fans will have to wait a bit longer than usual for the next season, as all Arrowverse shows were postponed to 2021.

                                                                    The Flash has featured some notable speedster villains, from Eobard Thawne to Savitar. In season five, the show introduced Godspeed, unlike the other speedsters, the character was a modern comic book creation. In his debut episode, he battled Barry's daughter in the future. Godspeed's portrayal was disappointing since he was little more than a one-off villain. The character returned the following season, this time in the present day. However, it's established there have been multiple Godspeeds running around. The real one, August Heart, was nowhere to be found. This plot point resurfaced 17 episodes later in "Pay the Piper." Here, another Godspeed shows up, this time, one who can talk. Sadly, it's revealed he is another fake. He does say, "The one sent me wants infinite velocity." It would not be unreasonable to presume Godspeed will appear in season 7. Although how significant his role will be is unknown, The Flash showrunner confirmed the villain's return.

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                                                In an interview with TVLine, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace confirmed Team Flash would finally face off with the real Godspeed, saying, "Yes, you just might…Because that’s where we’re going!" Wallace did not give any indication if Godspeed will be one of the major antagonists of the season, or appear just for an episode or two.

                                        The synopsis for The Flash season 7, states Barry will "unleash an even more powerful and devastating threat on Central City." Considering season 6 was shortened by a few episodes, and based on the synopsis, it doesn't seem Eva McCulloch/Mirror Master will last too long in season 7 before this threat shows up. Godspeed could be the villain in this synopsis, but it's impossible to confirm. Either way, fans will be happy to know the team will fight Godspeed in the upcoming season.

                                                Understandably, not much is known about The Flash season 7. Interestingly, the original season 6 cliffhanger featured Reverse-Flash. That would have been in episode 22. The villain returned in the season and battled Barry inside the mind of Nash Wells. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the show will use Thawne coming up. Based on his previous appearance, it seems likely Thawne will have a new face when he shows up again. With Godspeed appearing, fans are probably speculating if the two speedsters will meet up. That would undoubtedly be very notable should such an interaction take place.

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                                                Source: TVLine


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