The Justice League Proves Superman Gives DC’s Best [SPOILER]

Superman’s always been one of the more generous superheroes – but once he gave every member of the Justice League a personalized gift!

by Michael Jung
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                                                Superman has always been portrayed as a hero who exemplifies kindness, generosity, and goodwill. This is particularly emphasized around Christmas time when the Man of Steel volunteers to give gifts to children and the needy, essentially filling Santa Claus’ role (although Saint Nick is actually a real person in the DC Universe).

                                                                    At one point, however, Superman decided to give gifts to people he has a personal connection to – his fellow Justice League members. In Superman #165, Superman paid a visit to all the main members of the current roster of the JLA to offer them some holiday cheer – and show his more lighthearted, humorous side.

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                                                The story began on the moon at Justice League headquarters where Superman spent some time hanging out with Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man. The visit was not completely joyous as Lex Luthor had recently been elected President of the United States, making Superman wonder if the JLA could have done anything to stop Luthor’s ascension to power.

                                        Martian Manhunter spent some time teaching Superman some relaxation techniques (which involved hanging upside down), while Plastic Man managed to get Superman to smile when he claimed the only thing worse than having Luthor as president was having two Lex Luthor's as president. In thanks, Superman left Plas a bunch of rubber bands as a Christmas gift and a box of Chocos cookies for the Martian Manhunter. (Considering J’onn was basically addicted to Chocos cookies and once went into a violent withdrawal phase when he was denied them, this may have not been the smartest choice for Superman – although J’onn certainly appreciated them).

                                                Superman next journeyed under the sea to pay a visit to Aquaman. While Arthur Curry also had misgivings about Luthor, he admitted to supporting Luthor’s willingness to open trade between Atlantis and the surface world. Although Superman wasn’t happy about this, he left on good terms – giving Aquaman a snow globe of Metropolis as a keepsake (considering the snowglobe somehow managed to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, Clark must have enhanced its structure somehow at the Fortress of Solitude).

                                        Clark’s next two gifts are also in the “gag gift” category. He spent some time knocking debris out of Earth’s orbit with Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and gave the ring-bearing hero a small jar of ring polish as a holiday gift. Next, he participated in an impromptu race with the Flash (Wally West) as they ran across America’s heartland to San Francisco. Upon arriving, Superman wished Flash happy holidays and gave him his gift – tube socks!

                                        Superman’s gift to the final two Justice Leaguers – and arguably his closest superhero friends – were more heartfelt. He spent some time sparring with Wonder Woman in Antarctica to burn off some of his lingering frustration about Luthor. After taking Diana’s advice about spending some more time with Lois, Clark thanked her by giving her a golden chain with a miniature Mjolnir. Considering Wonder Woman had actually wielded Thor’s hammer during the Marvel vs. DC crossover event, this gift had a particularly special meaning for her.

                                                Finally, Superman visited Batman in Gotham. In contrast to his earlier meetings, this one was largely somber – with Batman only briefly breaking the silence to remind his friend that they needed to trust in the American people to do what was right, and when the time was right, they would take Luthor down. In gratitude, Superman handed Batman a magnifying glass (telling him it was from Lois). Reinvigorated, Superman then got to enjoy his Christmas present – a two-day vacation with Lois Lane in the bottle city of Kandor where the red sun radiation allowed him to enjoy life as a normal man.

                                        By turns funny and affectionate, Superman’s gifts showcase how much he cares about his friends. While some might expect a man who can literally crush coal into diamonds to offer something more extravagant, in Superman’s case, it’s the thought that truly counts – and the reminder that Superman is first and foremost a really good friend.

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