Watford manager Nigel Pearson says ‘trust has been lost’ due to Premier League Project Restart’s ‘lack of tran

Watford manager Nigel Pearson says ‘trust has been lost’ due to Premier League Project Restart’s ‘lack of tran thumbnail

Nigel Pearson believes some trust has been lost due to the lack of transparency over the plans to get the Premier League season back underway. Top flight teams, including Pearson’s Watford, have returned to training this week in small groups ahead of a proposed restart to the campaign next month. Getty Images – Getty Watford manager Nigel Pearson is worried there could be a fatality if the Premier League returns too early Three people from the Hornets, one player and two staff members, tested positive for coronavirus in the first round of testing. The bid to try and get football going again has received mixed reactions while Pearson said there was still questions to be answered. He told talkSPORT: “It’s been really good to see the players and staff and see smiles on faces but of course there is the other element of there will still be some concerns and there is a lot of questions that cannot be answered at the moment. “I think there is an element of trust that has been lost through lack of transparency. All those things don’t really align with everybody being on the same page.” Getty Images – Getty Adrian Mariappa tested positive for coronavirus in the first round of testing Last week, Pearson warned there could be a fatality if the Premier League was rushed back too soon. He said football should not bow to the pressure being placed on it by the government. The 56-year-old said: “There certain things we have to be patient with. What I wouldn’t want to see or what I really don’t want to be pushed into is having a situation where we are trying to meet a timetable with politicians rather than what’s right for the sport. “I’ve said what I think over the last week or so and I certainly stand by that now. Having heard the government talk about it this week it is very clear we are very much on their agenda to ease their pressure somewhat. Simon Jordan has his say on Troy Deeney’s refusal to return to Watford training over COVID-19 fears “My focus is very much on making sure safety and wellbeing of my players and staff and colleagues and that they are safe.” Watford captain Troy Deeney was among those who said they would not return to training due to safety fears. BAME players are said to be more at risk from COVID-19 while Deeney’s young son has breathing difficulties. Pearson added: “You can’t force people to work. If you didn’t think your workplace was safe you wouldn’t go in, would you? “It’s not different from anybody else. I don’t see a reason why we have to judge footballers any different from anybody else. “My children are adults now, but I know people with young children and one of their quandaries are ‘do we take our kids back to school or not?’ If you aren’t sure then your kids won’t go back to school. fake fans Premier League clubs ‘in talks’ to have cardboard cut-out fans in empty stadiums samba From Arsenal icon to Liverpool ace – the best Brazilians to play in PL latest EFL provide update on clubs’ return to training and testing programme pre-drinks Alan Brazil got ‘absolutely hammered’ with Scotland teammates on Top of the Pops smash hit Liverpool icon Barnes on how famous rap came about, 30 years on from release news Arsenal transfer news: Lemar plan, ‘next Kante’ wanted, Mkhitaryan for Kluivert swap round-up Chelsea transfer news: Agent speaks out, Ground signs deal, major Mertens update round-up Man United news: Saul deal ‘practically closed’, Ighalo update, latest on Sancho “The question we are trying to answer at the moment, and the argument I’m trying to make a stance on, is very similar to that situation. “You wouldn’t punish parents for not allowing their children back to school at the moment, would you? You wouldn’t reprimand them because they are trying to keep their kids and family safe.”,

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