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Aldis Hodge, who was just recently cast as Black Adam ally Hawkman, already has impressive fanart predicting his look in the upcoming DCEU film.

    Awesome fan art featuring  Black Adam star Aldis Hodge predicts his look as high-flying hero Hawkman. A spinoff of Shazam!, the film follows the eponymous anti-hero played by Dwayne Johnson. The doppelgänger and arch-enemy of Shazam, Black Adam has the same powers as the goofy hero, though he is much more ruthless and ambitious than young Billy Batson. Black Adam will introduce the character, who was once meant to appear as the villain in Shazam!, into the DC Extended Universe, though it's not clear exactly how just yet.

                                                                    Johnson's costars are slowly filling in around him, forming the Justice League precursor that Black Adam founds, the Justice Society of America. Noah Centineo will star as Atom Smasher, Cyclone and Doctor Fate have yet to be cast, and Hodge has accepted the role of Hawkman. A fan-favorite in the comics, Hawkman is one of a pair of lovers who have been reincarnated continuously since the age of Ancient Egypt. By day he is archaeologist Carter Hall, but by night Hawkman takes to the skies equipped with crafted wings and a mace made of gravity-bending Nth metal. Hawkman first appeared in the comics in 1940, an enduring presence who fans will no doubt hope to see done right.

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                                                Yadvender Singh Rana, who goes by @ultraraw26 on Instagram, delivered a sleek and detailed mockup of what Hodge's Hawkman could look like. Digital artist Rana has a clear infatuation with all things MCU and DCEU, posting hyperrealistic and wonderfully composed renditions of everyone from Spider-Man to the Flash. Rana deserves special praise for producing quick predictive work. Rana took it upon himself to anticipate the costumes of every cast member in Eternals, and even Kanye West sitting in the Oval Office.

                                        The fan art spares no detail in creating a believable costume for the winged hero. Hodge wears gold and silver armor adorned with feathers and a hawk buckle that clearly draws upon the character's ancient origins. He sports his iconic wings and hawk-themed helmet with a prominent beak. The more subdued colors and multiple layers of armor contrast with the comic book renditions of the character with what appears to be a solid gold helmet and few body coverings. Hawkman's signature mace is more intricate and impressive here with multiple blades at its end as opposed to the spiked ball on a stick that he usually carries.

                                                The piece is evidence of palpable excitement for the upcoming superhero film. Both the DCEU and MCU have been hard hit by the pandemic, forced to pause productions and push back releases. Black Adam is set to start filming early in 2021, with a release set for December 22 of that year. If all goes according to plan, we'll soon see if Rana's predicted look was accurate. Until then we can look forward to learning which actors will fill out Black Adam, Hawkman, and Atom Smasher's team, casting choices that are sure to excite.

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                                        Source: Yadvender Singh Rana/Instagram

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